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Welcome to AmericanGold

AmericanGold, Inc. owns multiple gold mines around the world and owns equity stakes in 3 gold refineries. We are well-funded with antimony credits and significant room for growth and further exploration. 



Our Mines

California Mines

Our mines in California were founded in the 1800s and have mined millions of tons of ore, extracting over millions ounces of gold and  silver. 

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Arizona & Nevada Mines

We own hundreds of acres of mines in Arizona and Nevada and mine high-grade gold and silver ore, including gold/tungsten lode mining. 

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International Mines

AmericanGold has mining interests in India, South Africa, Canada and Peru. 

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Other Operating Mines

Our other interests in operating mines are in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. 

Our mines in California were founded in 1896 and have mined over 1,800,000, tons of ore, extracting over xxxxxx ounces of gold and xxxxx ounces of silver. 

Our Operations

Aside form mining and refining operations, our team conducts extensive exploration in partnership with mineral and mining experts around the world, including offering mining tours at a few of our locations to the public.



Mine Tours

Mine Locations


Peak Performance

AmericanGold’s world-class portfolio of assets, mining prospects and refining contracts are anchored in favorable mining jurisdictions in North, Central & South America and South Asia.

Our Mining Operations


Our Projects, Our Digs

AmericanGold(AG[Au]) has been steadily growing by acquisition and diversification, some via direct M&A and others through joint ventures with other strategic-alliance partners, including significant exploration & mining operations in North, Central & South America and Southern Asia. Our robust, high-quality exploration and mining activities further strengthens our global portfolio and recognition globally for leading environmental, social and governance practices.


Mojave Mines

A group of Au mines located in S. Mojave, Kern County; 

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Arizona Mines

Thousands of acres in the famous mineral rich Florence Basin, Pinal County, AZ

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Papua New Guinea

South Asia Mines

AG[Au] has equity interests in several operating gold mines in Papua New Guinea & other South Asian mines

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